Continue to communicate with relevant MP’s as directed by our First Nations websites:;

  1. Hon. Linda Burney, member for Barton Minister for Indigenous Australians:  [email protected]
  2. Hon. Anthony Albanese, member for Grayndler, Prime Minister of Australia. Email: 
  3. Your Local Federal MP. You can find and contact your local Federal MP here:
  4. Hon. Julian Leeser MP, member for Berowra, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians:

Cut and paste the key messages below into your emails. Feel free to personalise them and make them your own. Why do you think this is important? Speak from the heart. 

I am writing to you to express my support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s invitation to “walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future”.

I support the Uluru Statement

The Australian people want a referendum on establishing a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected in the Constitution.

I support the Uluru Statement and its call for a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution.

I will vote “Yes” in a referendum on a Voice.

  1. IT’S TIME: The support is there, and the work has been done!

I want you, as my representative, to act with URGENCY to support putting a referendum to the Australian people to constitutionally protect a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

90% of submissions in response to the Interim Voice Report support a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution.

Four years of polling since Uluru consistently shows the Voice to Parliament would succeed at referendum.

This support is backed by consistent polling including Essential, the Australian Constitutional Values survey and the most recent Reconciliation Barometer.

Following the Wyatt Interim report and the 2018 Joint Select Parliamentary Committee, there is enough information in the public domain on what a Voice may look like to move to a referendum.

Please share this request throughout your networks. The movement needs everyone’s support NOW!

We thank you for all that you do to create a more reconciled, just and equitable community for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians in NSW. 

“It’s not just us as a people, it’s about us as a nation, as Australians.” – Kris Rallah-Baker

Continue also

1.   Write a letter to each of your: (It can be the same letter to each)

Local Council Mayor; State MP; Federal MP; State Senators (12); PM.

See for NSW senators:

2.   Aim to complete letters by the time we meet for the next meeting – i.e. within a month.

3.   Aim to invite 5 other people to write letters.

4.   Key messages in a personal (not cut-n-paste) letter

         We suggest the letter includes: Request and Statement of your position


         • that your MP discusses with their parliamentary colleagues the important matter of the next steps towards constitutional recognition of First Nations. The Indigenous Voice Co-Design Final Report is expected to be delivered to the government before the end of 2021. The next step as promised in the 2019 election platform is to prepare a referendum question for the Australian people.

         • (if you’re willing) ask for a follow up appointment to receive feedback

Statement of your position

In your own words make sure that your MP understands that your position may influence your vote. The following key messages are paraphrased from website From the Heart

• I support a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament

• I do not support legislating for the Voice before a referendum is held. 

• I support the development of an exposure draft bill that contains the details of the Voice from the Final Co-Design Report.

• More than 80% of respondents to the Submissions on Interim Voice Codesign Report call for a Voice to be enshrined in the Constitution

Maybe add high profile supporters- eg NSW Premier, numerous local councils, big business organizations…

• Personal conclusion… ask for response

How to send letters:

• Use contact form on the fromtheheart website –


• Email; Snail mail; Phone message through staff; Phone to make an appointment and bring someone else with you;