Denise McCaffery

DENISE  McCAFFERY        31 / 12 / 43………..8 / 2 / 2021

Denise was born at Kensington and grew up in Sydney.

She worked for Catholic Missions for many years, mainly in schools, then she had an opportunity to join a pilgrimage to Rome.   This was followed by a visit to the Philippines. She loved her work, finding it, sometimes challenging, but very rewarding.

She was a caring, fun-loving person with a heart of gold, generous to a fault with a strong sense of justice.  She was quick to confront negative behaviour or comments.

Always ready for a new challenge she joined her daughter’s softball team, completed the season and was awarded a trophy for the player most determined to improve.

Denise always gave her best effort at everything she chose to do.

She was an active branch member of Catholic Women’s League, Concord West, helping support a variety of charity fund-raising activities

The Women’s Reconciliation Network was also an important part of her activities, mixing with a dedicated group of amazing women.