A 2 minute a background explainer from SBS about the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Dean Parkin talking about the Uluru Statement from the Heart as he recites it.

Four First nations people reading the Uluru Statement

First Nations National Constitutional Convention Uluru 2017

Extended backgrounder and reading of Uluru Statement

A special night at the Gaelic club where the book Finding Our Heart by Thomas Mayor was read in Gaelic and English.

Great conversation  between Thomas Mayor, Susan Moylan Coombs and Joan Hughes.

Professor Megan Davis and SVA’s CEO Suzie Riddell about the Statement

Debunking arguments against the Voice to Parliament

21st Annual Hawke Lecture delivered by Stan Grant

A voice in the Wilderness PDF prepared by Anglican Board of Mission It examines deeply themes from the Statement from the Heart .

Shelley Reys in a great video to debunk myths about the Voice

Reading of the Statement

Pat Anderson AO

Bridget Brennan with Megan Davis, Pat Anderson AO and Thomas mayor at the Opera House Antidote