Joyce Fraser

What led you to become involved with WRN?

Robyn Hutchinson invited me to the meetings of WRN.  I was very impressed by the women I met and appreciated all their experiences although I could not see what my part was. 

In 2020 I decided to join the Planning team for WRN  Also at the same time I read Thomas Mayor’s book “Finding the Heart of Australia”. Reading  about the journey Thomas took going round Regional Australia with USFTH interested me significantly and I wanted to become part of the work with USFTH through WRN. 

In your view what are the biggest challenges for genuine reconciliation?

We need to find MP’s   and State members who will support the Statement.

We also need Public figures   and heads of Corporations who will support the statement.

To encourage the grassroots with the FTSH.   That means talking to everybody.

How do you see the way forward?

I think we are on the right track with Sydney Alliance and WRN paving the way together.  We probably need more people to help.   Also if we have an idea for action take it up.   I need to learn and connect more with local indigenous people.