Readers Contribution -An Australian first for Arrernte youth

An Australian first for Arrernte youth

26/07/21 By Sue Storry: WRN member

In Australia’s centre, on Arrernte country, First Nations youth have created an absolute gem, and with it a first for Australia. At a library in Mparntwe / Alice Springs, Arrernte youth, together with cultural advisors and digital experts made history when they created a series of 90 emojis that tell their own story.

And what makes them even more special, they are all named in the Arrernte language and English, and even have a play button to hear the words pronounced correctly.
You can download the indigemoji App for free, from their website, where you can also get more information about how they were created, who was involved, and what their plans are for the future.

From urtakerte / heart to ahelhe-anthirtneme / land rights and kwetare/ a crown that bears the Aboriginal flag, there’s so many waiting to be discovered. They’re witty, innovative and exciting, and what’s more they are all there for us to use, and share with family and friends.

And if you think they’re just for young people, think again. My daughter sent me an emoji cup of tea with an Aboriginal flag handle (my favourite beverage), and said “check out this amazing App mum” , which I did! I absolutely love it and have now sent them to my grandchildren! That’s 3 generations hooked. And of course all my friends are receiving them as well, including my mates at WRN.