Readers Contribution: Farewell from the mountains Elaine & John Telford

Dear Blue Mountains Friends,

We were very honoured to be with you all last Sunday February 20th at the Lawson Community Centre and we’re now writing to express our gratitude and love to those who gathered together and to friends unable to be present.

This was such a wonderful expression of being part of the Blue Mountains -‘heart filled community through sharing oral story telling and song’, as well as seeing the beautiful flowers along with delicious food, in the gracious Lawson Community Centre setting with the closing climax being the Wagana dance duo performance under the trees’ shade with Jo Clancy and Killimai.

We were totally blown away by the unique artwork of Leanne Tobin’s artwork on the magnificent Card for the individual written statements.

We deeply appreciate your efforts and creativity. We feel truly blessed.

How wonderful it was to watch and listen to the younger voices – the future leaders in the making! We were very proud of everyone’s reflective and

meaningful contributions through stories and music, not forgetting the

delightful impromtu song from Jacinta – from ‘your heart and ‘off the cuff’ Brilliant!

Our deep appreciation especially to those who planned and orchestrated the

fine framework details and especially those with technical skills enabling those not able to be present to perhaps participate later.

With gratitude and love

John and Elaine Telford