Campaign for Voice – Vote YES to an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Like all other advocacy groups around the country the Women’s Reconciliation Network took a quantum leap when on 21st May 2022, Anthony Albanese Prime Minister Elect promised that a Referendum on the establishment of a First Nations Voice in the Australian Constitution would be held in the first term of his Labor Government.

As our Indigenous leadership From the Heart says: Campaigning for a referendum on constitutional recognition for a First Nations Voice to Parliament ‘now has a destination’

Ways to campaign

Educate yourself and others by doing the online A Voice to Parliament course

Sign the canvas and ask your family, friends and colleagues to sign as well

Speak with and or write to your Local Council, State and Federal representatives asking how they will advocate for a YES vote. For information about what you might say and to send a letter, visit the The Uluru Dialogue website.

Talk to friends and colleagues about an enshrined Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Engage in street actions – hand out information at local markets, shopping centres, local events

Ask local businesses or shops to put a supportive sign in their windows.

Have kitchen table conversations.

Offer to speak at local community organisations such as community, faith groups, local libraries.

Wear a T-shirt to your local club, event or family gathering and start the conversation.

To share ideas, collaborate on ways to campaign and gain support join the Voice from the Heart Alliance monthly Zoom meeting held on the last Monday of each month. The first meeting for 2023 will be 6pm 30 January 2023

Visit these websites for Resources and further information

Women’s Reconciliation Network, along with many individuals and organisations were an integral part of initiating and forming the Voice from the Heart Alliance. We continue to work closely with the Alliance and many of our members are also active members of the Alliance.