Musings on a Voice

Musings on a Voice: Three Poems by Deborah Ruiz Wall

There is No Certainty
We walk in the valley of darkness,
In the liminality of faith,
It is there in the in-betweenness of space
where a ray of light streams in,
where the breakthrough is found,
the many ‘other’ we meet in our life’s walk
mirrors the broken self and also heals
the fissure of the myth we create
to find our whole,
there is the road where the star far away
guides the weary feet towards the unknown,
that star whispers hope within us,
it opens invisible doors as we trek the mountains
that seem impossible to climb,
Nature embraces and also wreaks havoc
and untold devastation both within and without,
the fury and the love we meet in our wandering,
the haven of peace and stillness
follows our blossoming soul.

Eternal Dreaming Our Voice Awaiting
We are the offspring of choices that have come before us, bound to walk our future
together, destiny placed in our collective hands borne of the choices we are now making to seal our future.

The shadow of darkness has befallen us, emanating from our pride and frailty of will, from the hardness of our hearts, from our insatiable greed and desire for power to enslave the weak all for self gain — our vision has turned misty. We are gambling with the shadow of darkness and stumbling in our self-imposed blindness.

Where are we going now, children of the light?

The breath of life we undeservedly received to walk the earth, the Revelation to illuminate our path, the Cross of Salvation that offers us another chance of a lifeline, to enter the Paradise of our longing, our truest belonging — a legacy for the taking.

We are given the Voice to elect our choice. Where are we going now at the crossroads of our time? We, children born of the Dreaming Divine!

Voices breaking through the cloud of unknowing
We are here, in quest of peace, of truth, of reconciliation.

A continuing restlessness in our hearts, discomfort in the beautiful nest we have occupied, our stolen nest of comfort now burns the soul.

The first peoples from the land have recognised that we have come, their large hearts want to share the dwelling pastures of inter-being with the land, still, governance denies recognition of Country’s original face.

When will we tear apart the invisible wall we erected to sustain our neo-colonial rule? Our masks of generosity are peeling off, against our will.

The silenced voices are thundering in, through our walls and castles of fortification that will crumble when at long last, we come face-to-face with the undeniable truth of our unruly occupation.

Nature’s tears are streaming down the cheeks of our boulders, flooding our houses, destroying our harvest, rendering our cars petrol-less, our souls homeless.

Time now to take steps to let the silenced voices be heard, reconcile with the land, and heal our wounds, to cure the restlessness in our hearts, and light the pathway of our presence to become the true sons and daughters of the land we want to call our real home.