As a new young “ 10 pound migrant” in the early “70s” travelling around Australia ,
experienced brief contacts with First Nations people. Which left Questions in my
Mind . But then one did not discuss such doubts.
Left Australia to go to Canada and other adventures . But always I could not think of
Outback Oz. With out emotion . ?
On returning in the late 70 s again more unsettling questions . So on arrival in Sydney to work in Community Health, we were told we did not engage with Indigenous
Patients . “ they provided their own services” . Then our Service had an inservice
On the STOLEN GENERATION , Unbelievable , my flood gate was opened
And then I started to meet various Indigenous patients , hearing their stories .
So then it would seem I was now ready to meet like minded “ white fellas”
My First Spirit Festival . Amazing . Now started to under stand all the un understood
Emotion . Thus now ready to study Indigenous Cultural and History at Tranby College
in Glebe . Life changing and so on with WRN . and our 2 wonderful Mentors guiding
us . Thank you Aunty Ali and Aunty Beryl