1}I came to Australia in 1987 from London [UK] I did have some prior knowledge re

Our First Nations situation -how they were marginalised and excluded from most

parts of Australian Society. I worked as a Community Nurse in Campbelltown where

I came to know many Aboriginal People in the Suburb of Airds where Tharawal Community

Centre is still

I also enrolled in an Aboriginal Course at Sydney University given by Jack Beetson

In 2018 I was talking with my friend Marlene Wallace who invited me to join her at WRN

Thursday meetings at RCC

2] The Biggest challenges facing Australia in regard to Reconciliation must be I feel

Acknowledgement that Aboriginal First Nations Peoples were here before Settler Communities

arrived and took possession of this land [Australia] and that These 1st Nations Peoples held

Sovereignty of this land called Australia I also feel that our Settler Communities MUST

acknowledge the True History of atrocities perpetrated against Australia’s First Nations Peoples

3]My aspirations for Australia’s future in terms of the relationship between Australia’s First Nations

Peoples and Australia’s Settler Communities would be to firstly to have a National referendum

Inclusion in Australia’s Constitution is a MUST for our 1st Nations Peoples otherwise we will be

forever a divided Nation