‘around the kitchen table’

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Project history and Resource Guide Book 

“We showed the movie to a group of TAFE students and I have to say it generated the best awareness raising discussions I have seen while teaching welfare courses. It’s wonderful.”

“This is a most valuable and stimulating resource. This material is timeless.”

‘around the kitchen table’ raises questions and challenges all of us to view the past, present and future from a new perspective.

‘around the kitchen table’ explores the issues Australians are fa ing as we work at building bridges between the First Peoples of this land and later comers. Produced by the Women’s Reconciliation Network, ‘around the kitchen table’ explores the reconciliation process visually, in a profound and dynamic, yet personal way. It offers the insights from a number of significant female community members into how the healing process can continue happening. The aim of the video and resource book is to stimulate creative thought above issues, provoke ongoing discussion and, most importantly, catalyse action through a shared history between Australians – those of the oldest continuing culture on Earth, and newer residents – at both a personal and community level.

The ‘around the kitchen table’ Reconciliation Resource is an educational tool with a 26 minute video and 140 page guidebook, suitable for Community Groups, Senior High School students, Tertiary Colleges and Universities and has a particular value as a Professional Training and Development resource of those working in the public and private sectors.

The ‘around the kitchen table’ Reconciliation Resource draws out seven prominent themes from the insights, experiences and wisdom of the 20 women who appear in the documentary.

7 modules guide participants along a journey of discovery and learning through:








Each module follows a similar 4-part structure:

1: Awareness Raising

2: Experiential Understanding

3: What you can do

4: Consolidation through research

This structure ensures that the workshops can be tailored to suit particular time and resource constraints without compromising quality of outcome.

Film Credits:

Film Participants:

First Peoples Elders: Rasme Berolah-Prior, Jean Carter, Dulcie Flower, Ali Golding, Betty Little, Mirriba (Anne Thomas)

Other Cultures: Dorothy Buckland Fuller, Angela Chan, Vivi Koutsounadis, Margaret Gutman, Helen Sham Ho, Deborah Ruiz Wall, Wafa Zaim

Women Leaders: Susan Bradley, Trish Burns, Stella Cornelius, Claire Dunne, Wendy McCarthy, Frayda Myers-Cooper, Judith Steanes

Film Production Team: 

Filming Co: “Burning Illusions” & Sally Fitzpatrick.

Music: Marlene & LeRoy Cummins.

Art: Kathy Jones

Edits: Annie Pratten.

Directors: Lisa Jackson Pulver & Elaine Telford.

Resource Guide Book Development Team

Sally Fitzpatrick, Patty Nicholson and Elain Telford