What We Do

From February to November (inclusive) we hold meetings/ yarning circles on the last Thursday morning of each month at the Redfern Community Centre or via Zoom. Duration of meetings is approximately two hours

The format consists of: Acknowledgment or Welcome to Country followed by a Yarning time where each person has a chance to share the latest news or whatever is pressing in their heart and be listened to by others. This is followed by the main business of the day and meetings conclude with a reflection and morning tea.

The main business of the day may include progress reports on current projects, letter writing, initiating and developing new projects and networks, organising events or guest speakers. Our current major activity is advocacy for the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Once a year we aim to hold our own celebratory Spirit Event.

The principal focus of our work is bridge building, i.e. shifting attitudes within the dominant culture to create spaces for self-determination by First Nations people, and a rights-based approach to overcoming their present disadvantage, can take place. To also raise awareness of the responsibilities we all carry for Country and each other.

All members volunteer their time and resources to maintain the WRN.

Over the years projects have included co-hosting public meetings and production of a number of truth telling Resources (books and videos). We offer these resources so that others following us may learn from our experiences and use or adapt as little or as much of our projects to their circumstances to advance the healing of our country. 

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