Who We Are

The Women’s Reconciliation Network is an informal network of First Nations and non-Indigenous women committed to the ongoing process of achieving justice, truth and equality for all Australia’s First Nations people.  

Launched in May 1996 during the early years of a decade long government led reconciliation process, we have expanded into an extensive network of fellow Australians committed to working towards Voice Treaty and Truth for the sake of all Australians.

We are women relating and sharing; following the leadership of First Nations Elders; networking ideas and actions towards bridge-building and reconciliation; creating a safe space to share stories; furthering our own knowledge of First Nations cultures, stories and histories and how their culture will be a gift to their country .

In the two or more decades since the founding of WRN there have been many members. 

We pay our respects to members who have passed away during that time and we acknowledge and thank all those who due to life circumstances have moved into other areas of life and work. 

You can meet some of our members here . To help readers to understand the motivations and aspirations of our members, some have responded by sharing a story or answering these 3 questions. 1. What led you to become involved in WRN? 2. In your view what are the biggest challenges for genuine reconciliation? 3. How do you see the way forward?

Please join us!